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Dictionary of Haitian Creole Verbs
With Phrases and Idioms,

by Emmanuel W. Védrine and research on
Haitian Creole lexicology

Photo E. W. Védrine Creole Project (1992)

March 27, 2022 : 27 Mas 2022

() Dictionary of Haitian Creole Verbs with Phrases and Idioms. 1992. 246 p. Soup to Nuts Publishers. Massachusetts, USA.


  • “I am impressed with Emmanuel Védrine's motivation for the development of Haitian Creole as a language that can be standardized and adapted to serve all the functions of its speakers and, in particular, members of the American Diaspora who require medical, social, and educational services in the language. Given the limited resources at his disposal, the linguistic tools Védrine has produced are noteworthy, in particular, his Dictionary of Haitian Creole Verbs with Phrases and Idioms. It is a very useful resource for linguists, translators, and learners of the language. With regard to its originality and overall quality, I would rank it as the best work on the vocabulary of the language and right next to Freeman and Laguerre's Haitian-English Dictionary and our own somewhat dated Haitian Creole  - English – French Dictionary. The high quality of the work is reflected by its having been deemed worthy of review in the prestigious Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages. He is also a prolific author of literary and educational materials in Haitian Creole. He would be an invaluable collaborator to any project involving the description of Haitian Creole and the preparation of various linguistic tools for the language.” –– Albert Valdman, Rudy Professor of French, Italian and Linguistics Indiana University-Bloomington].
  • Dictionary Of Haitian Creole Verbs With Phrases And Idioms by Emmanuel W. Védrine, 1992. Journal of Pidgins and Creole Languages, 11:2, 1996. The book under review is, therefore, a welcome respite, for it respects the standard orthography and is quite systematic throughout… The Dictionary is a guide for learners of both languages, for people who want to be bilingual and for those who are interested in linguistic research. The excellent balance of Kreyol and English explanations should accomplish those ends. The presentation is impressive for a book published independently by its author… The Dictionary of Haitian Creole Verbs offers strong evidence that writing Kreyol is still perceived as a wide-open discursive field…” – Karen Richman and William L. Balan-Gaubert  (Reviewed by), University of Chicago].
  • “Another achievement toward the emancipation of Haitian Creole language. ‘This pioneering Dictionary of Haitian Creole Verbs With Phrases And Idioms by Emmanuel W. Védrine (1992) is the result of many years of linguistic research and methodological design undertaken by Védrine, a graduate researcher at the University of Massachusetts-Boston. Specially, his book represents a new orientation in contemporary Creole lexicography. His dictionary attempts to bridge the gap between theory and practice, as a tool for improving Creole teaching and improving research in contemporary Creole Studies… Védrine gives a hint of his lexical enthusiasm on the title of the book itself. His Dictionary of Haitian Creole Verbs lives up to its name. In a concise preface, Védrine reviews recent developments in Haitian Creole grammar. Védrine succinctly discussed other characteristics of the Haitian verb system from such familiar phenomena as the short forms of: ale (al), vini (vin), rete (ret) to name a few. He also identifies many Haitian Creole verbs that can be used as ‘attributives’ in some cases. He cautions the reader to use his dictionary with circumspection, not as a manual of conversation but understand the quasi-to understand the quasi-totality of Haitian verbs used in any aspect of life. Using or reading Védrine’s dictionary will be a very pleasurable distraction indeed and the reader / user will go away knowing what deplancheye, jebede, tyakannen, wouspete is. He also refers to the so-called vèb marasa (twin verbs) such as pote-kole, sote-ponpe, leve-kanpe - For any creolophone who needs a quick and complete reference in Creole and English will find Védrine’s dictionary immediately useful, culturally rich, humorous and a constant delight…” -- SEDRA, 1993.

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Faculty of Applied Linguistics, State University of Haiti [Fakilte Lengwistik Aplike, Inivèsite Leta Ayiti
Faculté de Linguistiques Appliquée, Université d’État d’Haïti, LangSE (Laboratwa Lang, Sosyete e Edikasyon : Language Lab, Society and Education), Oct. 12, 2021]


() AKA (Akademi Kreyòl Ayisyen : The Haitian Creole Academy) -- E. W. Védrine’s intervention at the Akademi Kreyòl Ayisyen. Conference, February 4, 2. Keynote speasker, Emeritus Professor Albert Valdman (founder of the Creole Institute), Indiana University.  Prof. Joseph Marcel Georges, Moderator.  VIDEO • E. W. Védrine -- View of academy : Pwendvi sou akademi


J. M. GEORGES: We know that you are one of Professor Albert Valdman’s collaborators, who has been working with him for some time. on his research from 1993 to 2010.   J. M. GEORGES: Nou konnen ou se youn nan kolaboratè pwofesè Albert Valdman, ki fè yon bon tan ap travay sou rechèch li de 1993 – 2010.
And we know you are a reference in the issue of bibliography. We have cited Marie Christine Hazaël Massieux. But you are also a great reference for students, who could do a job, wether it’s at the level of diachronic or synchronic because you have a really rich data base. But, how did the science of Linguistics help you in your work experience with Professor Valdman (in reference to dictionary production, and how to handle the issue of “lexical varian of the language” (e.g, basilectal [spoken variation of monolingual native speakers] vs. mesolectal [variation that would be closer to French, spoken by speakers who are biling (Kreyol – French)])?   E nou konnen ou se yon referans nan kesyon biblioyografi. Nou te site Marie Christine Hazaël Massieux. Men ou menm tou, ou se yon kokenn referans pou etidyan yo, ki ta kapab fè yon travay, kit se yon travay sou plan dyakwonik, kit se sou plan travay senkwonikpuiske ou gen yon evantay ki vrèman rich. Men, kòman syans lengwistik te ede ou nan esperyans travay ou avèk pwofesè Valdman (an referans a nan pwodiksyon diksyonè, e jere kesyon «varyant leksikal lang nan» kreyòl rèk (bazilèk [gwo kreyòl natif ki monoleng ta pale]) vs. Kreyòl swa (mezolèk [varyasyon ki ta pi pwòch fransè])?
E. W. VÉDRINE: Thank you, first of all, Professor Georges (Dean Emeritus of Research at the Faculty of Applied Linguistics). We are pleased to see Professor Albert Valdman. The last time we had the chance to meet each in person at Indiana University, at the Annual Haitian Studies Association (2009) to honor him. We drove 17 hours from Boston to the Indiana University (Bloomington) campus with some friends. I did not want to miss this wonderful celebration.   E. W. VEDRINE: N ap di w mèsi, tou dabò, pwof Georges (dwayen emeritus nan rechèch nan Faculté de Linguistique Appliquée). Nou kontan wè pwofesè Albert Valdman. Dènye fwa nou te gen chans rankontre an pèsòn nan Indiana University, se te pou onore li atravè Haitian Studies Association (an 2009). Nou kondi 17 è d tan de Boston a campus Indiana University (Bloomington) avèk kèk zanmi. Mwen pa t vle rate bèl selebrasyon sa a.
Working on dictionaries, I thank Professor Valdman for calling for my collaboration in 1993, when I began my doctoral program (in theoretical linguistics) at Harvard University. So, as soon as he got my first dictionary (Dictionary of Haitian Creole Verbs with phrases and idioms). It is a bilingual (Creole - English) dictionary on the Haitian Creole verbs system (published in December 1992). He tried to be in touch with me to see how how I could start collaborating on his research at Indiana University.   Travay sou diksyonè, mwen di pwofesè Valdman mèsi dèske l te fè apèl a kolaborasyon m an 1993, lè m kòmanse pwogram doktora mwen (nan lengwistik teyorik) nan Harvard University. Donk, imedyatman li te fin reseswa premye diksyonè m nan (Dictionary of Haitian Creole Verbs with phrases and idioms). Se yon diksyonè bileng (kreyòl – anglè) sou sistèm vèb kreyòl ayisyen (ki pibliye an desanm 1992). Li eseye pran kontak ak mwen pou wè kòman m te ka kòmanse kolabore nan rechèch li nan Indiana University.
We had the chance to do a revision of A learners’ dictionary of Haitian Creole that he was working on at the time (1993) with Rozevel Jean-Baptiste, who was finalizing his doctoral dissertation in Linguistics in France. So, is the first research work I started doing in 1993 in collaboration with Professor Valdman.   Nou te gen chans fè yon travay revizyon A learners’ dictionary of Haitian Creole, ke li t ap travay sou li alepòk (1993) avèk Rozevel Jean-Baptiste, ki finalize tèz doktora l an lengwistik an Frans. Donk, se yon premye travay mwen te kòmanse fè an 1993 an kolaborasyon avèk pwofesè Valdman.
He later contacted me after approval for a grant approving the research project for the Haitian-English Bilingual Dictionary (a project that began in 1999 and this dictionary was published in Spring of 2007). He invited me again to be on the Indiana University (Bloomington campus). I did not want to miss this opportunity to work with someone who has prepared several generations of linguists, and directed about fifty theses (master's degree, doctorate)…   Pi devan li kontakte m, lè l fin jwenn apwobasyon grant pwojè rechèch pou Haitian-English Bilingual Dictionary (yon pwojè ki debite an 1999, e diksyonè sa a te pibliye nan prentan 2007). Li fè envitasyon m ankò pou m te prezan sou kanmpous Indiana University (Bloomington). Mwen pa t vle rate non sèlman okazyon sa a pou travay ak yon moun ki prepare plizyè jenerasyon lengwis, e ki dirije yon senkantèn tèz (metriz, doktora)…



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Haitian Creole-English Bilingual Dictionary

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English-Haitian Creole Bilingual Dictionary

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•◊• A Bibliography of Theses and Dissertations related to Haiti (from 2011 – 2020) : Bibliyografi Tèz (memwa, metriz, doktora) ki an rapò ak Ayiti (de 2011 – 2020) •◊• A panorama of Haitian Indian Civilization (Haitian history) : Yon panorama Sivilizasyon Endyen (istwa Ayiti) •◊• Agriculture, the first target for Haiti’s development : Agrikilti ta dwe premye sib nan devlopman Ayiti •◊• An Annotated Bibliography on Haitian Creole : a review of publications from colonial times to 2000 | Bibliyografi Anote sou Kreyòl Ayisyen : revizyon piblikasyon de epòk kolonyal a lan 2000 •◊• Articles related to Politics (in Haiti) : Atik ki an rapò ak Politik (an Ayiti) •◊• Bèbè Gòlgota: in search of citizenship with dignity (book review & translation : kritik liv & tradiksyon) •◊• Bibliographies : Bibliyografi •◊• Bilingual Program and Bilingual Teaching Materials : Pwogram Bileng e Materyèl Pedagojik - Didaktik Bileng •◊• Book Review : Kritik sou liv •◊• Boukan dife literati ak Joël Lorquet : Campfire Literature with Joël Lorquet •◊• Chatting on Bibliographies related to Haitian Creole : Kozri sou Bibliyografi ki an rapò ak kreyòl ayisyen •◊• Civics : Sivik •◊• Collection of Haitian Education Materials by Albert Valdman : Koleksyon Materyèl Edikatif Ayisyen Albert Valdman fè •◊• Collection of Published Poems : Koleksyon Powèm Pibliye •◊• Conference focusing on the works of Suzanne Comhaire-Sylvain : Konferans ki santre sou travay Suzanne Comhaire-Sylvain •◊• Dezyèm Endepandans (powèm – ak kesyon sou tèks la) : Second Independence (poetry - with questions on the text) Segunda Independencia (poesía – con preguntas sobre el texto) •◊•  Edikasyon Bileng Ayiti, teyori e pratik : Bilingual Education in Haiti, theory and practice •◊• Edikasyon ta dwe gratis e obligatwa pou tout moun Ayiti : Education should have been free for everyone in Haiti •◊• E. W. Védrine E.S.L Lessons : Leson Anglè kòm Dezyèm Lang, E. W. Védrine •◊• Editing & Translating : Edisyon & Tradiksyon •◊• English-Haitian Creole Bilingual Dictionary : Modèl •◊• Essays’ models to help Haitian Students (high school and university level) with writing : Modèl esè (disètasyon) pou ede Elèv Ayisyen ak ekri •◊• Grammar : Gramè •◊• Gramè Kreyòl VEDRINE Grammar of Haitian Creole •◊• Haitian Creole- English Bilingual Dictionary (Diksyonè Bileng Kreyòl Ayisyen – Anglè) •◊• Haiti’s Super Web Directory : Gran Ànyè Ayiti – Dyaspora •◊• Have you been to any writers’ workshop before publishing your first book? : Èske w te pase nan kèk atelye ekriven avan w pibliye premye liv ou? •◊• Ide pou kreye yon High School Ayisyen prive nan Boston (deba) : Ideas to found a private Haitian High School in Boston (debate) •◊• In Kreyol and English : An Kreyòl e an Anglè (focus on Haitian Creole – English since the elementary level : Fokis ki dwe sou Kreyòl – Anglè nan lekòl Ayiti depi nivo elemantè) •◊• Jipon Nwa a (short story : resi /istwa kout) •◊• Kèk sipètisyon nan kilti ayisyen : Some superstitions in Haitian Culture •◊• Kesyonnen kilti Ayisyen pou aprann plis de li (kilti) : Questionning Haitian Culture to learn more about it (culture) •◊• Kijan yon plant fèt : How a plant is made •◊• Koudèy sou Edikasyon Siperyè, yon lòt etap apre nivo segondè : A look at Higher Education in Haiti, another stop after secondary level •◊• Kreyol Without Toil: an introductory course to Haitian Creole (Kreyòl San Pèn: kou inisyasyon a kreyòl ayisyen) •◊•  Leson KLE : Kreyòl Lang Etranje (Kreyol as Foreign Language / KFL) •◊• Malice et le boeuf de Bouki  : Malis ak bèf Nonk Bouki a (istwa-kont) : Malis and Uncle Bouki’s cow (folktale) •◊• Manje kreyòl, resèt pou kèk pla ayisyen : Creole food, recipe for some Haitian dishes •◊• Men l anlè a l ap vini (resi /istwa kout) : He is in the aire coming (short story) •◊• May pays, Haiti : Peyi m, Ayiti (My country, Haiti) •◊• Online Educational Resources for Haitian Teachers, Students, Schools in Haiti and in Diaspora •◊• Petit lexique du créole haïtien (dictionary : diksyonè) •◊• Peyi m rele Ayiti (istwa Ayiti) : My country is Haiti (Haitian history) •◊• Poetry in Haitian Creole : Pwezi an kreyòl (different collections : diferan koleksyon) •◊• Quelques plantes créoles et leurs noms en latin : Kèk plant kreyòl ak non yo an laten (Some Creole plants and their names in Latin) •◊• Rat konnen, Chat konnen, barik mantèg la sou siveyans (retorik an kreyòl : rhetoric in Haitian Creole) •◊• Rechèch sou pawoli ak pwovèb ayisyen : Research on pawoli and Haitian proverbs •◊• Refleksyon sou aktivite pou oryante lajenès an Ayiti : Reflection ton activities to orient youths in Haiti •◊• Richès kiltirèl Ayiti, yon min ki poko esplwate : The cultural richness of Haiti, an unexploited mine •◊• 100 Kesyon ak Repons pou Ekzamen Sitwayènte Ameriken : 100 Questions and Answers for the U.S Citizenship Exam •◊• 75 Seventy-five Years of Research & Publicatons on Haitian Creole : 75 Ane Rechèch & Piblikasyon sou Kreyòl Ayisyen  •◊• Seyans Oryantasyon pou Etidyan Ayisyen k ap vin Etazini : Orientation training for Haitian Students coming to the United States •◊• Sistèm Alfabè Kreyòl Ayisyen : The Haitian Creole Writing System •◊• Suzanne Comhaire-Sylvain: a bibliography of her publications : Yon bibliyografi piblikasyon Suzanne Comhaire-Sylvain •◊• Tardiness in teaching foreign language in Haiti’s schools : Reta nan ansèyman lang etranje nan lekòl Ayiti : Retard dans l’enseignement des langues étrangères en Haïti •◊• Techniques to formulate a research  topic for dissertation, and bibliography research : Teknik pou fòmile yon sijè rechèch pou tèz, e oryantasyon bibliyografik •◊• Ten practical advice for youths in Haiti to learn to help themselves, and to develop effective leadership : Dis konsèy pratik pou ede jèn Ayiti aprann ede tèt yo, e devlope lidèchip efikas •◊• Thirty Years of Research and Publications on Haiti, the Haitian Diaspora and Haitian Creole (Kreyol) : 30 Trant Ane Rechèch e Piblikasyon sou Ayiti, Dyaspora Ayisyen e sou Kreyòl •◊• Ti Malis ak Bouki apre 12 janvye: Pati II, Dyesibon kontinye ap pale sou tranbladtè a (istwa-kont) : Ti Malis and Bouki after January 12, Dyesibon keeps on talking about the earthquake (folktake) •◊• Vanjans Konpè Chat (folktake : istwa-kont) Comrade Cat’s vengeance •◊• 20 Fraz kreyòl potomitan : 20 Twenty Creole phrases •◊• Welcome to L’Asile (Lazil), a commune in Haiti : Byenveni nan Lazil, yon komin Ayiti.

Research Note : Nòt pou Rechèch

• Bilingual education in Haitian Creole - French, Creole – English : Edikasyon bileng an kreyòl ayisyen – fransè – anglè • Creole linguistics: Lengwistik kreyòl • Creole literacy projects : Pwojè alfabetizasyon kreyòl • Creole philology: Filoloji kreyòl • Database in Haitian Creole : Bank done an kreyòl ayisyen • Dictionaries on Haitian Creole : Diksyonè sou kreyòl ayisyen • Dictionary and glossary projects : Pwojè diksyonè e leksik • Documents for training sessions for Haitian lexicographers : Dokiman pou fè seyans fòmasyon pou leksikograf ayisyen • Educational material in English and Haitian Creole for schools in Haiti : Materyèl edikatif an anglè e an kreyòl ayisyen pou lekòl Ayiti • Educational materials for Haitian teachers’s training : Materyèl edikatif an anglè pou fòmasyon anseyan ayisyen • Educational resources, training and orientation sessions for Haitian teachers : Resous edikatif, trening e seyans oryantasyon pou anseyan ayisyen • French based Creoles : Kreyòl a baz fransè • Haitian Creole lexicon : Leksik kreyòl ayisyen • Haiti, Linguistic planning (amenagement linguistique) : Ayiti, amenajman lengwistik • Materials for Long distance tutoring for learners of Haitian Creole : Materyèl pou bay leson patikilye long distans pou moun k ap aprann kreyòl ayisyen • Orientatiing Haitian teachers : Oryante anseyan ayisyen • Seminars for Haitian Teachers on Teaching Materials : Seminè sou materyèl didaktik / pedagojik pou anseyan ayisyen • Stragies to develop Teaching Material Models in Haitian Creole (Kreyòl) : Estrateji pou devlope modèl materyèl didaktik / pedagojik an kreyòl ayisyen • Teaching Materials for Haitian Bilingual Programs : Materyèl didaktik /pedagojik pou Pwogram Bileng Ayisyen • Teaching Materials in Haitian Creole (Kreyòl) for learners of the language (beginning, intermediate and advance level) : Materyèl didaktik /pedagojik an kreyòl ayisyen pou moun k ap aprann lang nan (nivo entwodiksyon, entèmedyè e avanse).

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