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E. W. Védrine “Translation of medical terminologies,
English–Haitian Creole”


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with English translations & Summaries available online


(in French, Haitian Creole, English)

N.B: The French dictionaries are distributed by SCHOENHOF’S FOREIGN BOOKS in Harvard Square: 76A Mount Auburn Street,Cambridge, MA 02138. (617) 547-8855.  They can also be bought from amazon.com. There’s also a growing section of books on /in creoles languages at Schoenhof’s.

2007. HAITIAN CREOLE - ENGLISH BILINGUAL DICTIONARY. Indiana University – Creole Institute. xxxiv +781 pages. [Note: with thousands of terms related to medical terminologies, illustrated with phrases in Creole - English]

2006. DICTIONNAIRE ANGLAIS-FRANÇAIS, FRANÇAIS-ANGLAIS DE LA SANTÉ ET DU MEDICAL• auteur: René MEERTENS • broché: 283 pages • editeur: Chiron (janvier 2006)• ISBN-10: 2702710891 • ISBN-13: 978-2702710890

2003. DICTIONNAIRE FRANÇAIS-ANGLAIS DES TERMES DE MEDICINE: English-French Dictionary of medical terms • auteur: Jean Delamare• relié: 1132 pages • éditeur: Maloine, S.A (Presses Médicales Européennes. 5ème ed.• ISBN-10: 2224028024  / ISBN-13: 978-2224028022

2002. DICTIONNAIRE ANGLAIS-FRANÇAIS DES SCIENCES MÉDICALES ET PARAMÉDICALES: English-French Dictionary of medical and paramedical sciences. 5th. Ed. • auteur: William-J GLADSTON • relié: 1367 pages • éditeur: Maloine; 5ème éd. • ISBN-10: 2224027443  • ISBN-13: 978-2224027445

2001. QUICK HAITIAN CREOLE FOR MD'S AND NURSES (MEDICAL). Author: Roger Savain. [Note: An English - Creole medical glossary]. 32 Pages. Publisher: Language Experience. ISBN: 096724482X

2000. ENGLISH HAITIAN CREOLE MEDICAL DICTIONARY • Author(s) Heurtelou, Maude; Vilsaint, Féquière. Pages 138. Publisher EducaVision, Coconut Creek, Florida. [Abstract: A two-way Haitian Creole and English dictionary of medical terms…]

2000. KOTE FANM PA JWENN DOKTÈ. The Hesperian Foundation. Berkeley, California, USA. •author(s): A. August Burns, Ronnie Lovich, Jane Maxwell, Kathrarine Shapiro. Translated into Haitian Creole by Jean Wilner Steve. xxvi +584 pages. [“One of the best document in the medical area that exists in Haitian Creole”. E. W. Védrine]

1996. ATLAS KÒ MOUN, ZO (premye pati). Otè: Michel-Ange Hyppolite (Kaptenn Koukourouj). Publisher: Educa Vision Inc. Coconut Creek, FL. 132 pages. [Note: Terminologies focusing on “bones” (in Creole, French, English, including illustrations).]

1996. ENGLISH – HAITIAN CREOLE PICTURE DICTIONARY. Oxford University Press. Author(s): Norma Shapiro, Jayme Adelson-Goldstein. 228 pages. [Note: Creole translation by Carole Berotte. The dictionary covers over 500 terms related to medical terminologies and paramedics with ullustrations in color]

1996. HAITIAN CREOLE (KREYÒL) – ENGLISH POCKET MEDICAL TRANSLATOR •author(s): Harding, Marcus; Staton, Donna Marie; Veit, Carolyn. Pages 123. Publisher International Medical Volunteers Association, Boston, Massachusetts. [Abstract: A two-way pocket dictionary focusing on medical terms. Begins with a short grammatical sketch. Contains several thematically organized sections with terms relating to medical history, anatomy, dentistry, orthopedics, pediatrics, surgery and obstetrics, diagnosis, instructions, and time expressions...]. Available From International Medical Volunteers Association, PO Box 205, Woodville, Massachusetts 01784. Email: info@imva.org, Website: www.imva.org /ISBN 0964942518

1995. ENGLISH – HAITIAN CREOLE SCIENCE DICTIONARY. •author(s): Féquière Vilsaint, Maude Heurtelou. Educa Vision, Inc. FL. US. 134 pages. [Note: with terminologies related to the medical area.]

1992. HAITIAN CREOLE-ENGLISH ENGLISH-HAITIAN CREOLE MEDICAL DICTIONARY With Glossary Of Food And Drink •author(s): Freeman, Bryant C.; McGowan, Catherine C. [Abstract: A two-way Haitian Creole and English dictionary of medical terms. Includes labeled drawings of the human body with separate drawings for the face, the front, rear, arm and hand, leg and foot, teeth, and eye…]

1983. “Etude Ethnolinguistique Du Lexique De La Fécondité Et De La Maternité En Créole Haitien”. Suzanne ALLMAN. [Note: Thèse de doctorat de 3ème cycle. Université de Provence, France. 515 p.

(written, co-edited)

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2007. Haitian Creole - English Bilingual Dictionary. Indiana University, Creole Institute. (Project director: Albert Valdman). xxxiv +781 p. [A segment of the research has been presented by E. W. Védrine at the Haitian Studies Association1(8th Annual Conference, held at University of Virginia.Oct. 2006)].
2007. Premye etap avèk yon òdinatè (computer manual, co-editor). Eastern Digital Resources.
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 (Research presented at the Linguistic Conference held in Cayenne , French Guiana from 9 tot 11 May 2003 and was organized by the Laboratoire des Sciences Sociales IRD Guyane, concerning the languages spoken in French Guiana. Presented also at the 17th Annual Haitian Studies Association. University of Massachusetts-Boston. Oct. 2005). In Haitian Creole - English Bilingual Dictionary. Indiana University. 2007. Reprint by Educa Vision]
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A healing paradigm for a new Haiti (essays).
A look at the problem of schools in Haiti (essays).
Gramè Kreyòl Védrine (2nd.ed).
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Sezon sechrès Ayiti (novel, 3rd.ed).
Temporada de sequía en Haití (novel, Spanish).


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From E. W. Vedrine’s forthcoming


adj. = adjective | adyetif; n. = noun | non; (v). = verb | vèb; vulg. = vulgar | vilgè ou ki pa ta parèt aseptab piblikman; [  ] = precision ak definisyon clarification; | | = option, referans | opsyon, referans; | | = opposite | lekontrè

  1. abdominal pains. doulè tranche vant [doulè (nan) vant, trip kòde].
  2. abort, to lose offspring (animal) (v). avòte, pèdi pòte (pitit), pèdi rapò.
  3. abortion n. avòtman. /to have an abortion : fè (yon) avòtman, fè (yon) dilatasyon.
  4. abstinence n. abstinans. /to refrain from sex : fè abstinans, pa an kontak seksyèl, pa gen kontak seksyèl.
  5. allophyllus n. (plant presumed to have supernatural power: plant yo panse ki gen pouvwa majik ou sipènatirèl). twafèy (twapawòl).
  6. alternative n. altènatif, mwayen, chwa. There’s no alternative: Pa gen lòt chwa, pa gen lòt mwayen, nanpwen demi mezi.
  7. arthritis n. (doulè) rimatis.
  8. asthma n. opresyon.
  9. auditory canal, inner ear. tou (twou) zòrèy.
  10. autoclave n. esterilizatè (a) vapè [aparèy (pou esterilize) kote yo itilize wot presyon vapè].
  11. bad breath. movèz alèn, bouch santi (vulg.) [bouch ki degaje movèz odè].
  12. bad cold. move grip; lagoum (bèt).
  13. birth-control pill. grenn (planin(g).
  14. bladder. vesi, blad pipi, blad pise.
  15. bleeding gum, pyorrhea. piyore [jansiv senyen].
  16. brain n. sèvo.
  17. brains (food) n. sèvèl. They like eating beef brains : Yo renmen manje sèvèl bèf.
  18. breast-feed (v). bay sen, bay tete.
  19. brother n. frè. /full blood brother: frè (ki) menm manman menm papa.
  20. castor oil, palm oil. luil (lwil) maskreti (masketi, maskriti, palmakristi).
  21. cerebral (of the brain) adj. serebral [ki an rapò ak sèvo].
  22. cerebral palsy. paralezi serebral.
  23. cerumen, earwax n. si, lasi (zòrèy), kaka zòrèy (vulg.).
  24. cleanliness n. pwòpte, lapwòpte. Cleanliness is next to godliness : Apre Bondye se pwòpte.
  25. clitoris n. klitoris, (fèy) krèk (vulg.), langèt (vulg.).
  26. clot  (blood) (v). fè boul (san), fè gòb san, kaye. The blood is clotting : San an fè boul (san an kaye).
  27. coagulate, to gel, to clot (blood) (v). kaye, koagile, fè boul. The blood coagulates : San an kaye (san an koagile).
  28. cod-liver oil. luil (lwil) fwadmori.
  29. colostrums, foremilk n. kolostwòm [Lèt epè koulè jòn. Lèt sa a pwoteje tibebe a kont maladi, enfeksyon. Se pi bon likid tibebe a te ka bwè pandan premye jou l yo].
  30. conjoined twin(s). marasa kole.
  31. convulse with pain, to writhe in agony (v). dyaye, tòde [ak doulè, anba doulè].
  32. cross-eye /to be cross-eye. (gen) je lanvè, je twenzi, je twèt, atawèt. Tikòk is crossed-eyes, his eyes don’t look in the same direction : Tikòk gen je twèt, yo pa gade nan menm direksyon.
  33. cry-baby, whiner. timoun rechiya (rechiyan, rechiyè).
  34. death due to TB (tuberculosis). mò touse (TB).
  35. deflower (v). chire pèkal (pekal), chire lotri, chire vwal, dechalbore, devwale, kreve (vulg.), pèdi, pete filè, pran vijinite (yon fi). deflowered adj. chire, dechalbore, devwale, kreve (vulg.), pèdi.
  36. dehydrate (v). dezidrate [pèdi dlo].
  37. drop dead (v). mouri (mò) rèd. At the spot of accident, Tidyo died right then there : Kote aksidan an fèt la, Tidyo mouri (mò) rèd.
  38. HIV-positive. sewopozitif [enfekte ak viris sida].
  39. intense labor. tranche cho. || tranche frèt.
  40. interval between series of labor contractions. tranche frèt.
  41. intestinal adj. entestinal [ki an rapò ou ki gen pou wè ak entesten, trip].
  42. iris (eye) n. mitan je; glè je.
  43. sister n. sè. || brother. /full blood sister : sè menm manman menm papa.
  44. umbilical hernia. van nan lonbrik, gwo lonbrik.
  45. urinary bladder. vesi (sak, blad pipi).
  46. urology n. iwoloji [branch nan syans medikal ki etidye pipi, maladi ki an rapò ak li].
  47. uterus, womb n. manman vant [sak pitit].
  48. vertigo n. tèt vire, toudisman, lawouli tèt. /to have a vertigo, to be dizzy : gen tèt vire, gen toudisman, gen lawouli tèt.
  49. vulva n. [external part of the female genital organs] n. (bouch) bòbòt, foufoun, fridefandi, koko (vulg.), kawo tè (fi), komès (fi), (ti) komisyon (fi), lòbèy fi, lotri fi, ti afè (fi).
  50. warm oneself in the sun (v). chofe, pase solèy.
  51. whipworm n. (vè) trichin, trikosefal.
  52. wince, flinch (v). tresayi (anba yon doulè).

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E. W. Vedrine Creole Project & Online Creole Publishers

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