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Trades, Professions, Careers:
Orientation Training for Haitian Students in Haiti

Emmanuel W. Védrine

July 2019

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Since the time of internet forums (in the 90’s) and with the development of high technology, we have been following many Haitians talking about Haiti. Most of their discussions would focus on political problems back in the mother land. Among them, underdevelopment, insecurity, and some developed countries that have been sucking Haiti or would not like that country be developed, complaints, corruptions… Readers will add to the list. But it would be rare finding written articles orienting young Haitians to make a living for tomorrow (focusing on a trades, professions, and careers).

Basically, we would hear more talking (given that it’s part of our culture) than actions taken for change. There would not be propositions for solutions to these problems on how we would create a better society for tomorrow. We don’t say “an ideal society”, the same way Plato would propose it in the philosophical book, The Republic (where he sees well-educated people should be the ones governing).

Yes, we do believe in education for the real development of a country. We don’t believe in ill-prepared people, corrupted ones, those without integrity and ethics should be governing at any level. But at the same time, in Haiti, we are influenced by a culture of corruption at all levels. We can’t trust anyone, regardless their level of education. We are hitting the nail on the head; in other word, telling the truth even it may be hurtful.

Focusing on our subject, preparing and orienting young Haitians for tomorrow, they would have to have access to good schools. We are talking about well-equipped schools with materials for them, and with good programs. It would be necessary for them to have access receiving a free education up to Bakaloreya or the end of secondary school cycle. Once they start the secondary level, we believe there should be programs orienting them toward trades, professions, and careers.

It is always good to look at what exists for young people at secondary school level in developed countries. For instance, their curriculum is important to look at in terms of what are being offered as programs, preparing them for higher education, the preparation and training they need to function normally in their society. So, it’s crucial to start orienting them to enter the job market.

Among the young Haitians (who may have the chance of completing secondary school), some may not be interested in attending university (to spend more time preparing a career). We can’t force them either (in terms of attitude toward certain trades, professions, and careers) but at least we can orient them early on, and more or less they will have an option of what to do to make a living tomorrow.

Today (wherever you may be), if you are a student in secondary school or one who has completed secondary school, it would be important to have a driving license. You should try to be able to dominate these three international languages: English, French, and Spanish (which would be more of use in the area of business, trades, and international relation) and your local language or native language  also. It would be important for you to advance in Computer Science, an essential tool in the job market.

For you in Haiti, if the secondary school you are attending does not have a computer program, we would encourage you to go to a computer school have a formation. For instance, it would be a nice idea to be able to design and edit a web site, and know some computer languages that are being used in business. It would be important to attend a Hotel School (if you want a quick job), where you can get a training for an international career in the tourist industry, and language institute that would have translation programs (to become translator and interpreter). It’s an experience that can help you everywhere in the world, and the advantage to work on boat cruises.

As youth (who may be connected to facebook, who may be part of a forum, who may be on some whatsApp lists), don’t be afraid to ask information that you need in order to help you. That’s the advantage you have, today, in the world through high technology to inform yourself.

More or less, you will know what direction you want to take after reading this article. Don’t forget to share it with your contact list to help others also. We hope that you remain in school. Don’t think money can be a problem to block your dream to reach your objective. Remain in school, and try your best to complete secondary school. It is the basic education you will need to function at the international level, regardless where you may be.


  • Seminar /Formation training to orient Haitian Youth in Haiti and in the Haitian Diaspora.
  • Translation Seminar (languages: English, French, German, Haitian Creole and Spanish).

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