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Open your eyes, Haitians !

Emmanuel W. VÉDRINE

Ouvè je w, Ayisyen !

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July 28, 2022

When you’re well-informed,
grafters who don’t want Haiti to advance
won’t be able to manipulate you

So they don’t continue
exploiting you,
turning you into instigators,
zombifying you

free education
health program
security everywhere
Don’t let jerks manipulate you
during election seasons
for small bags of rice
with cod fish tails
Know who was
opening your eyes

moving backward,

Move forward to stop being stuck
Stir up to avoid being stopped
Help to change
Save to always be able to eat
Export to sell abroad
Inform yourself to not remain a fool
Invent so that you don’t consume only
Invest so that you won’t be poor
Do business to make money
Sell things to help yourself all the time
Copy all that is good
Create what have not been existed
Multiply to help
Pray God to change
Observe to go and report
Organize to reinforce
Think to show that you’re educated
Share so that selfishness don’t carry you away
Plant to get food
Produce all that you can
Reforest to protect nature
Appreciate so that you don’t destroy
Replicate to have more to help
Join together to reinforce
Work hard to live better
Travel to see what exists everywhere
To help Haiti change.

(Collection: “Kri pou liberasyon : Cry for liberaton”, July, 2022)



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E. W. Védrine Creole Project, Inc. (1992)
Boston, Massachusetts. USA


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