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Need for a general awareness for a new Haiti

Geraud Charles

(former people’s representative)
47th Legislature

February 9, 2021


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For some time now, it has been easy to observe that Haiti is getting deeper into a mess that we cannot describe.

The country has lost all of its values.  All of our great brains have been useless, because the illiterate system blocks them, and even threatens them.

Other neighboring countries have taken us out among people. They just consider us as “shithole”, and a forest with only wild animals living in it.

It is sad to say, but all the coats trimmed on the back of the country have good tissues for that. They have good resources, good data, and good feedback on negative images that we don’t stop sharing.

  1. The country is not being governed.
  2. An alleged president does not stop making false promises, managing and creating crisis after crisis.
  3. Insecurity issues on all forms that give rise to politicized kidnapping, poverty, dirt, hunger, and lack of health care

We need a little bit of awareness raising to see clearly the end of the country in our hands as other countries observe it.

We have an abandoned youth, a people that governments turned into mobs, and let them in the streets doing nothing.

We have corrupted governments to the bone, where they just care about managing their power. They don’t stop creating group of gangs.

Everyone knows already what we saying here because they’re not any secret.

We live under a dictatorship that breaks moral, that breaks bones, and that breaks the state of being people -- Where the leaders don’t see neither people nor country, but only themselves.

A country where its own government kills justice!

A country where even the government has its own group of bandits to spread unrest.

A country where everyone is living with panic.

A country where the government is destroying all that can be used as the basis for development. What can we expect?

There are several reasons that give rise to this complicated situation in which the Haitian people are living today. And to cite them, we don’t have to attend great political or diplomatic schools. First, the greatest political school is the street.

Our eyes and ears are witnesses.  We don’t need to get the help of any expert to explain to us our country’s problems or their causes.

What Haiti is experiencing is the result of a country that is not under the control of itself.

The results of a country where those who are leading are corrupted, puppets, foreigners’ ass kissers, and mentally colonized ones.

So, if we really dream of seeing another Haiti, where we would be the first truly free black people, where we would stop depending on other countries, where we would understand the concept of development and justice, and know how to apply to them, we must begin to break down these barriers.

Foreign barriers and corrupted government that block the people.

The barriers that make them think they are the bone that got stuck in the people’s throat, where they forget that the Haitian people will not be afraid to vomit them the way it is.

We must have a second revolution. We must eliminate this oppressing system. Truly, it won’t be easy, but it it’s possible, especially if we are aware of our situation and where we should have been as the First Black People to make eternal history, the First Black People to taste freedom and the mother of freedom.

Haitians, wherever you are, wake up. Haiti must not die!


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