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Haiti: Is Martelly's rise to power a miracle?

By Paul Sanon



Martelly's victory in the Haitian presidential elections is seen by President Bill Clinton as a small miracle. For many it is disgrace and others a mystery. However , if we take into account the little details, we should realize that there is nothing miraculous, nor mysterious about Martelly's rise to power.

In general, nature is afraid of emptiness and Mr Martelly took advantage of the inadequacies, prejudices ,emptiness, social injustices, our high rate of iliteracy and unemployment ,the lack of vision and political disorganization that we have inherited from colonial time to capture the presidency. One can accuse Mr Martelly of being immoral but if we want to be true to ourselves, we , as a nation is the immoral entity. If we psychoanalyze ourselves as a nation, what did we do when he was using all those profanities, wearing panties and skirts, and showing his private parts. Where were the state,the media, social and religious organizations. Most often, his parties were sold out and like in carnival time, we are the one that finish up his vulgar sentences. So the problem is us, as a nation.

How can we question his education and competence when our society never forcefully promotes education and most of our rural areas are deprived of decent primary schools. I'm not trying to play the devil advocate , however our so-called intellectual presidents have not done anything to deserve such a reverence! Some of them were doctor, priest, lawyer etc- What have they done to change the course of things? Have they ever created political parties in the proper sense that could mold and shape any aspiring candidate? It is always “let me try or let him try”.Is there any difference between the way Boyer, Duvalier, Petion, Preval and Aristide governed the country? None of them created programs and blueprints that could bring forth a state of law in the conventional sense with social justice and sense of brotherhood.

Whether is Martelly, Manigat, Bouqui or Malice, Petion, Duvalier Boyer or Aristide,the difference can not be that much since the problem is not , in essence, about the individuals. The system is the real culprit and we are all its products. Instead of firing on Martelly's immorality, and educational prowess, we should concentrate on eradicating our feudal system and its accessories. We should approach the problem comprehensively because even with the best intentions, Mr Martelly can not change Haiti and its millions of contradictions. Mr. Martelly may call upon the best brains and summon his inner nationalistic strength to confront the future but will be cornered at every turn.

It will be difficult to reconcile the international community's interests with the national ones especially when nations are fundamentally motivated by their own interests. In the over-presence of the international community, can any president have the last say over Haitian matters? How can he reconcile his sponsors's interests and our comprador bourgeoisie against the masses' interests? The people who sponsored Mr Martelly did not do it out of the goodness of their hearts, it was a calculated decision. A system that does not industrialize anything in order to have enough to consume  and  export surplus is suicidal. We import  everything even lemon-

Our bourgeoisie must invest in local industry instead of keeping importing goods from adjacent countries to make quick money at the nation's detriment. If the bourgeoisie does not create jobs for the masses, how can we expect them to be loyal to anyone. We can not keep "jere yo" all the times with a few dollars. We can not keep going with the same feudal system that got us there. For more than 200 years, we fail to build a nation in which “ Creoles” and “Bossales” can live in brotherly love. If Martelly Team does not create a system to invigorate our agricultural system for our peasants instead of giving free reign and “duty free” to the urban Creoles, the sun will not rise effortless. If Martelly Team does not discourage the monopolies , curb corruption,and force everyone to pay taxes in order to invest in social services and national projects , we will be a “begging country” for a longer time.

In sum, as Haitian, we must be hopeful of a better tomorrow. Martelly's rise to power is not a miracle. The miracle will be when every rural area has a decent primary school, when monopolies and corruption are not the order of the day, and Haiti becomes a state of law. His ascendance will not be mysterious until his government can convince the bourgeoisie comprador to invest more in the local industry in order to create jobs for the citizens instead of keeping importing everything. Martelly's rise to power is the result of our inability to build a real nation.It will be disgraceful to solely use the masses to get votes and to maintain power.   Mr Martelly  won the presidency with less than 16% of the registered voters, therefore, he must see himself as ½ Bossale and ½ Creole- ½ bourgeois and ½ lower class,½ peasant and ½ city dweller- ½ mulatto and ½ black, ½ Petion-ville and ½ Cite Soleil, ½ Christian and ½ vodouisant. ½ Makout and ½ Lavalass , ½ educated and ½ illiterate- Because the country belongs to all of us and we all must have the right to live a least a little decently. And at this stage, we can nothing but wish him the best.


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