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Women’s Day

Dumafis Lafontan

Rebellious souls,
Standing ready,
Living for cause of right/trust/ness,
Fighting the liberation struggle like
Queen of Sheba,
Living legend of Black Power

Meaning they are not going to take it anymore.
This Maya, the illusion of freedom,
A wheel well adapted to ca-capitalism.
The shit,
Getting dumped on by dumbass bosses,
More mediocre than the warring Bush

They are making the claim,
Taking their right/full place,
Before the sun,
Shining on the world.

That’s who they are.
Daughters of Afrika,
Trod-ing lion/nesses among wolves.

Without fear whatsoever,
They won’t hesitate to tell those men/boss,
Fuck off.
We stake this place as our foot/stool.


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