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After the Dust Settles

The Next Practices for the Transformation of Haiti

Dumas F. Lafontant









ISBN 10: 0-9745821-9-0
ISBN 13: 978-0-9745821-8-1 / Trilingual Press, Fall 2010;
Pictures and text (post-earthquake photos)
36 pages / Prix : $5.00 + $3.95 for shipping and handling

After the Dust Settles

“Interestingly, depending on a person’s affinity to the cultures that shaped the destiny of this new nation, Haiti is either the first daughter of Africa, the first black Republic, or the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Needless to say, there is more than one frame through which to view Haiti, and this means that the people are among the most multifaceted in the world.”

“As this research has demonstrated the traditional change methods, also known as rationality, that is, rolled out as packaged aid programs with outside experts analysis and design solutions while the doers implement these solutions, have led to conflict between the people of Haiti and the international community. The aid program has solved specific problems, but it has not changed the lives of the people, nor has it improved the state’s capacity to improve itself. Therefore, the preferred approach would be for the Friends of Haiti to support an autonomous-developed empowerment policy that would comprise the following core components:

  • Involvement of multiple stakeholders;
  • Innovation on site;
  • Learning by doing;
  • Continuous change, improvement and learning…”

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