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A people partaking of their greatness

Doumafis Lafontan

A people partaking of their greatness
Making Ayiti greater has been a real fight,
With repeated blows, strikes, protests and
Many self-made errors.
Yet Ayiti will easily achieve greatness
When Ayisyen no longer become “Mawon;”
Accept Ayiti will not change and then
Settle for the status quo.

Twenty-six years after the movement,
Also known as Lavalas,
This generation discovers its cultural heroes;
That is, Ayisyen, the true revolutionaries,
Standing with the majority masses engaged
In the transformation of the State.

They are the true freedom fighters, like
Jean-Bertrand Aristide,
Bayyinah Bello,
Èzili Dantò, and
The countless others,
Whose names so far are unknown,
Braving death
For the ultimate victory of Ayiti
On behalf of her children, like
Anil Louis-Juste, Antoine Izmery, Claudy Museau, Felix Lamy, George Izmery, Gerard Jean-Juste, Guy Malary, Jean-Marie Vincent, Jean Pierre-Louis, Lafontant Joseph, Renaud Bernadin, who
Returned Nan Ginen.


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