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Where my Ayisyen are

Doumafis Lafontan

Have you ever wondered,
In a world populated by 7 billion,
Why am I Ayisyen?

Ayiti, a land Colonists martyred, while
Sacrificing her native population at the altar of God.
Ayiti, a land Neo-Liberalism ruins, while
Making her inhabitants eke out a living
From the free-market, economy, caca.
Ayiti, a land Imperialism occupies, while
Oppressing, killing and raping her inhabitants.

Why Couldn’t I be?
White with perks and privileges surpassing all other people;
Asian reputed to be smarter than any other people;
Jewish with the most powerful lobby to bend Washington’s will on a whim;
European living the good life from the pillage and plunder of Afrika;
Arab with enough oil to bring globalization to a screeching halt;
Indian walking the silk-road; or
American born from a good family of the richest country.

Am I unlucky being Haitian?
If God does not play dice,
Then it cannot be chance that I think;
Therefore, I am in my blood,
Under my skin,
On my mind
A Ginen of Afrika, with
The most amazing fantastic self.

Ayisyen is a self-made Liberator,
A re-creator of Ayiti, and
The Initiator of our Independence,
Territorial sovereignty, 
Governmental integrity, and

Where my Ayisyen are, you will find divine life on earth with
The million divinò (scientist) from Kotlò (Gold Coast of Afrika) as
Paladò (story teller) of an ajdò (a golden age).
Where my Ayisyen are, you will find jadò (buried treasures),
The hallmark of the collective story of Afrikans.
Where my Ayisyen are, you will find God
To remember the day of judgment.
Where my Ayisyen are, you will find a nation,
Rising from the dust of her epidò (pure cereal).
Where my Ayisyen are, you will find Anakawona,
The flèdò (golden leaf).
Where my Ayisyen are, you will find lò (gold), rather
A state of the divine that does not change with the land.
Where my Ayisyen are, you will find bòkò,
Divining the countless stories,
Saving lives.

The return of nativity,
Among Ayisyen,
That which I went to see
I have returned to tell.

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