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The Montana Agreement is a commendable initiative

Geraud Charles

February 9, 2022


The Montana agreement is an initiative of praise, as are other initiatives that have given birth to (some) other agreements.
All initiatives are at the same level. One is not better than another as long as they respect the country's constitution, one that the people voted on March 29, 1987. It’s only the law of the land that can consolidate them.

Regardless of the Haitian who is speaking  today in Haiti, and in the Haitian diaspora who declares that there is no constitutional provision, this personis deceiving people. He lies to himself, and he reduces the country in error just as Joceleme Privert reduced the country in error. Privert took us to July 6, 7, 202111, where we lost our national independence and our homeland has been violated (according to article 138 of this Constitution)2.

Foreigners entered the country. They plotted, organized and executed with treacherous Haitian citizens ("conspirators") to enter the residency of a president of the republic, and assassinated him.

Even if President Jovenel Moise put himself in what is called "bad posture" where he was acting outside the law, it became vulnerable where he lost power and authority (after February 7, 2021).

Normally 48 hours at least, 72 hours at most if we (Haitians) had a country with a so-called "culture of civic respect", the law had to have a president installed at the national palace (according to the 1987 Constitution, articles 138 and 149)3.

Unfortunately today, for 7 months and 3 days, Haiti has plunged into a hole, where it no longer has its independence.
(Prime Minister) Ariel Henry, "Outlaws" leader, cannot make any legal decisions.

The U.S. State Department, in the name of Mr. Nichols Brian, is making statements with political arrogance for the country. Mr. Kenneth Merten, the U.S. Embassy's chief executive officer, is pulling the strings in applying the "divide to conquer" policy.
The country’s economy is down –

No sustainable social promotion has taken place. It’s only rice distribution, which makes the lives of the people reduced to rice.

We are completely divided with many agreements coming out like gineyfold eggs…

Initiatives for Haitians to come together, and propose what should be done is good and even too good. Governing is is foreseeing. It’ s because we had a country since the assassination of the nation’s father4 that has never been governed and that is why I, your servant Geraud Charles, feels ashamed. I am a human being, and I will not hold other countries responsible. We Haitians are primarily responsible for our fate, even if some colleagues would disagree with me.

Today we hear many Haitians, inside many key institutions in the country, speaking one language: "Broadly broad consensus." This is the same language in the 1987 Constitution (Chapter 1, "L'Union fait la Force" or there is strength when we are united).
Yes, many Haitians have proven that they love Haiti. They are proud. We see that in the agreements, and I congratulate these Haitians.

I condemn all Haitians who are repeating the nonsense that "there is no constitutional provision to solve the problem of this political crisis." I call these Haitians koukoulougwe*, sousoupannan*, sousoubyèkè*, and koukouyangan* who are strengthening the influence of the power of great countries on the political decision of Haiti. Their sole purpose is exploiting Haiti's natural wealth. This exploitation is only in their own interests, but not in the interest of the Haitian people (especially the poorest, the most vulnerable, for more than 200 years).

Inside all the agreements, I encourage leaders of the agreements to take care of their own country or their government to make one last union this week, get together and call it feuille de route de transition or transitional roadmap.
I propose as a simple citizen of the country (as a former member of parliament or representative of the people, as a founding member of a national and international political movement founded on March 19, 2021 called Opposition Nationale  D’Haïti : National Opposition of Haiti) to hand over the "road map" to these 3 personalities that I noticed that the country does not have too many things to blame them:

  1. Citizen Judge Joseph Mécène Jean-Louis in application of Articles 138 and 149 of the 1987 Constitution as transitional president "of rupture".
  2. Citizen economist Fritz Alphonse Jean as Prime Minister.
  3. Citizen former senator and prepresentative Mr Steeven Benoit, as a Great Minister of Social Affairs of the country.

I think that we can agree to find other personalities within this society to complete 3 personalities to form a government with a power derived from the Constitution.

The roadmap will define the real mission of pulling trains, and put them on track with the country's general election, in a short period of time while we are asking youth involving in gangs to lay down their arms. Weapons make you hot and can make you too much for the country, and necessarily you will be the loser.

It’s important to have ports, the country's borders, and airports under control. This is important in relation to imported weapons, coming from other countries.

A country that ships weapons illegally to Haiti today, no matter what it is called, is enemy of the Haitian people. Haiti is not at war with any country, and it does not produce firearms.

I will not open my mouth to say a word about the political crisis in Haiti.

I am making every effort to dispel the embarrassing feelings I have, as I engage in a political party in Haiti called FDHI (Force Démocratique Haïtien Intégré : Fòs Demokratik Ayisyen Entegre) led by Dr. Eddy Delaleu to continue the fight for my country to change. I have been in that fight since in 1983 through Professor Georges Charles Pierre (of late memory) in Fort-Liberté.

Thanks to all facebook friends, whatsapp who still support the adult in his approach even though many times he is a bit reckless, but it is to whip Haitians’ pride who are not yet aware of their state as citizens, especially leaders of the political parties who are talking a lot all day while denying the reality of the political problem to be solved today.

I love Haiti! It’s Haiti that made me human! It’s only in that country I feel I am a person of great importance.


  1. Night of 6 to open 7 July 7, assassination of President Jovenel Moise at his residency.
  2. 1987 Constitution, Article 138: The President of the Republic is the guarantor of the nation’s independence and the integrity of its territory.
  3. 1987 Constitution, Article 149: In the event that the seat of the President of the Republic becomes vacant, for any reason, the President of the Court of Cassation shall appoint the Interim President of the Republic. If the seat of the President of the Court of Cassation has been vacated, the Vice-President of the Court of Cassation shall be appointed. If the vice-president's seat has been vacated, the oldest judge as judge of the cassation court, shall ascend. And so the judges of the Court of Cassation would rise, one after another. The National Assembly installed the interim president in place.
  4. Father of the nation. Jean-Jacques Dessalines.


  1. koukoulougwe. It's him /her, it's not him /her. He /she worths absolutely nothing;
  2. koukouyangan. It's like a married person, and the woman can decide to do what she wants (she takes other people, etc. And the man is home;
  3. sousoubyèk. A sort of undercover person who works as mediator between two people (reporting to the other whatever one says);
  4. sousoupannan.  Someone who is there, exploiting you without showing you that.


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