Labor day in Haiti | Fèt travay Ayiti

Emmanuel W. Védrine

Why should Haiti celebrate “Labor Day” when since a very long time ago more than 80% of the people are jobless, when more then 80% of our peasants don't have land to work, no plantation, zero agriculture? The Haitian People, if they really could see the truth, would protest against such a holiday till things begin to change (if ever they'll seem to be changed).

Poukisa Ayiti dwe fete «Fèt Travay» lè depi digdantan plis pase 80% moun ap chome, lè plis pase 80% peyizan nou yo pa gen tè pou travay, pa gen plantasyon, agrikilti zewo bare? Pèp Ayisyen an, si reyèlman li pa t gen lasi nan je, ta sipoze pwoteste kont yon tèl jou konje jouktan bagay yo ta koumanse chanje (si tout fwa yo ta sanble ap chanje).


«Camarade Emmanuel Vedrine, des Associations professionnelles et des syndicats haitiens consciencieux peuvent convier la Population d'Haiti à fêter le Travail pour magnifier la vertu et le besoin du Travail pour Tous et Toutes en Haiti.» -- Lemane Vaillant


«Mwen komprann pozisyon Emmanuel Vedrine lan sou zafè fete Fèt Travay, men mwen dakò ak Lemane Vaillant pou fete Fèt Travay la, konsa se va yon chans pou sendika, chomè, legliz, e lòt gwoupman mete tèt ansamm pou mande dekiprevien zafè 80% moun nan peyi a pa sa jwenn travay pou yo fè .» -- Harry Fouche


They celebrate just to celebrate, it's a hang out, an habitude, a program, there's money to be made activities to keep them busy that's all. People are so depressed, stressed out with the same daily craps; lack of everything, police brutality, corruption, black out, crimes, insecurity, kidnapping, rapes, violence, murder, abuse, injustice, discrimination of all sorts....

We wonder who cares if people have job or not, who cares about working conditions for the 20% who happen to have a "job". They celebrate Labor Day just as they enjoy rara, band a pied and carnival. Comedians like Jessifra, Tonton Bicha, Pè Thoma, Pastè Blaze are their best therapists aided by old recordings of Alcibiade, Maurice Sixto and other less known comedians. I guess the government sees the need to keep these ceremonials as a way for them and the people to keep their sanity.

On Labor Day, those who can afford it go to Jacmel to party, a local tourists and popular bands occupy the town. Traditional holidays, moral, dignity, integrity, sovereignty, values, nothing has meaning anymore, nothing works in the country. Bluff is an integral part of our folks back home. Bluff every where in private in public circles. We refuse to engage in constructive discussions, debates or any kind of exchange of ideas. Only the occupiers and the international community words count. The people, politicians or the average citizen none has a voice in the country's affairs. We refuse to face reality, we're full of it… “ -- Daniel Ulysse


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