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E. W. Védrine - ESL Lessons

Emmanuel W. Védrine

Photo: Courtesy E. W. Védrine Creole Project

Aug. 3, 2020
Updated Aug. 19, 2020

Lesson One


PART ONE (Images)

(A) (B) (C) (D)
(E) (F) (G) (H)

(Video /Audio related to the lesson)


(Questions for dialogue)

1. How many roadblocks are there?. 2. What are roadblocks?. 3. What can be used to make roadblocks?. 4. What’s written on the roadblocks?. 5. Where can we find roadblocks?. 6. Where do they use roadblocks?. 7. Who can remove the roadblocks?. 8. Who has the authority to use roadblocks?. 9. Who use roadblocks?. 10. Why do they use roadblocks?.

(Vocabulary for dialogue)

a. bicycle   
b. detour
c. church
d. motor vehicle
. construction police
g. highway
h. hospital
i. vehicle
. motorcycle
. teachers
l. stop sign
m. truck driver
n. street
. traffic
. construction site
q. school
. school bus
s. roadblock
one-way street
v. construction workers
w. people
. road block ahead
z. speed (slow, fast)

(Practicing verbs in context)

1. be careful
2. block
3. construct
4. cross
5. direct
6. drive
7. fix
8. go
9. look
10. put
11. ride
12. slowdown
13. speed
14. stop
15. teach
16. watch
17. work
18. close

(Using the verbs in sentences,
reading and pronunciation drills)

1. Be careful when crossing the street. 2. The road is blocked. 3. They are constructing a house. 4. Two people are crossing the street. 5. The police officer is directing the traffic. 6. I can’t drive on this road; it is blocked. 7. The workers are fixing the road. 8. We are going to school today. 9. Look before crossing the street. 10. Put your phone down. 11. Can you ride bicycle, a motorcycle? 12. Slow down! Don’t drive fast. 13. Watch the speed limit posted. Don’t speed up! 14. Stop at the STOP sign!. 15. Who is teaching the class today? 16. Watch out! A pedestrian is crossing. 17. Workers are working on the street. 19. Do not enter.

(Phrases related to the lesson for dialogue)

1. a blind person is crossing with a guide dog. 2. Children crossing; slow down. 3. crossing guard /The crossing guard is crossing a pedestrian. 4. crossing guard holding a STOP sign in the right hand. 5. do not enter sign. 6. drive carefully / Drive carefully all the time. 7. drive slowly /The sign says drive slowly. 8. look carefully before crossing. 9. one-way street sign. 10. pedestrian can’t cross. 11. roadblock ahead /There is a roadblock. 12. road closed sign. 13. road closed to traffic. 14. roadblock (sign). 15. school zone (sign). 16. sidewalk /walking on the sidewalk/ Pedestrians walk on the sidewalk. 17. stop sign /holding a stop sign. 18. stop the car /The driver stops the car/ The Police officer stops the car. 19. street closed (sign) /The sign says “street closed”. 20. to fix /They are fixing the road /They are working on the road. 21. to flag down /The police flags me down. 22. two-way street (sign) /This is a two-way street; cars can go either direction. 23. watch in both directions.


E. W. Védrine - ESL Lessons
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