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Myrote, Frank Fimber • 2022 • 195 pages Kindle Price: $8.06.


You have always enjoyed singing. You love it so much that you do it all the time and everywhere.

Here is an opportunity to freely create your own melodies to lyrics a ddressing topics as important as your creativity.

If singing is not your passion, that’s okay. These lyrics make great poems and in second section, Pure Poetry, you'll dive into page after page of English and Antillean French Creole pieces.

Probably you're wondering, what’s Antillean French Creole? Where is it spoken? Why should you even care to learn it? Well, picture yourself on vacation in the Caribbean and the locals are chatting in a language that you cannot understand. It's not English, French, Spanish or Dutch. Most likely it's Antillean French Creole.

Like the poems, the short story in section three is also written in both English and Antillean French Creole. Side by side, you can experience an adventure hopping on the seas from one island to another where things can go from risky to crazy in no time.

As if bathing in songs (lyrics), poetry and short story is not enough, you will have the chance to indulge in play: games that test your memory of my creative pieces.

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Welcome To MYROTE

Hello and Welcome to MYROTE! Here, you have an opportunity to explore Fimber's creative writing in the form of song lyrics, poems, stories, etc. In addition, you can delve into Antillean Creole as several of his pieces are expressed in the language. The language is further promoted through proverbs, idioms, etc. used by millions of Creole speakers across the centuries and the Caribbean. MYROTE is also the title of Fimber's book series where social issues, love and comedy among other topics are highlighted in a sometimes controversial way. So, if you appreciate creative writing, language, Caribbean life and culture or you're simply looking for something that's different - THIS IS A CHANNEL FOR YOU! MYROTE: My lYrics ouR melOdies, creaTE.


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