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The World Withering Away

Dumafis Lafontan


In light of the current state of affairs, one is compelled to ask, how to replace the World gripped by endless wars?

On this side of the earth, the Negritude writers grappled with this question. They thought it did not make sense to replace white supremacy, with a black one. Hence, they stipulated the workers would change life. It must be noted, these writers were influenced by Sputnik, the first spatial breakthrough that changed the World. Today, there is general accord within the Global South, Labor is in bed with the bosses, while Capital is figuratively screwing the Workers. It follows, more people are becoming aware that the system of money changers, i.e., creditors, financiers, lenders, and so on, impoverishes the borrower. Some say, it is unfair, unjust, and unequal. Thus, the opportunity for the social change sector to chase the money changers out of the household exists. Otherwise, "The rich will continue to get rich, while the poor gets babies" (Meadows).

Many observers of Ayiti (Haiti) think it was not only the first colony of the Americas, but it also became the first debtor independent nation. It is this experience, and knowledge of the World, that gives Haitians the standing to disseminate the lessons they have learned. For example, they must explain the characteristics that the Haitian Revolution brought. In concrete terms, Haitians must not spare any effort to communicate, inform, collaborate, and meet across the artificial borders that colonists drew to dominate, subjugate, and exploit. It means no censorship, no filter, and no fallacy. The technology exists to protect privacy, confidentiality, and prevent government snoops, interference, and surveillance.

Indeed, communication media remains the best forum to disseminate news and developments about the Caribbean, Global South, and Haiti. The specific focus must be to communicate anything that is happening, via print, wave, web, and so on. Moreover, communication is key for anyone interested "to grasp objective reality, which cannot be seen" (Bohm). Thus, it is listening that allows a person and/or audience to discern what makes sense, what does not, what is coherent, and what is not. This metaphysics view makes it appropriate to affirm, once a person, and/or audience, sees something does not make sense it will wither away. This law applies to the World as well. It is literally withering away.

In conclusion, the World is using every mean, carrot, and stick, to stifle communication. It knows information, i.e., data, stories, and memes are essential components of depassement. By depassement, Jacques Stephen Alexis meant qualitative change. Yet, there is no blueprint for depassement. Hence, its objective can only be seized. Indeed, Haitians stand at the moment history placed on their path to show Power, i.e., cosmogony, dynamics, and singularity.


Adinkra sign for power.

In terms of discussion, this short essay is by no means an end all, be all. In fact, idée fixed is one of the worst problems of the World. The reader is encouraged to go beyond the rigidity of this article to grasp its objective. In the final analysis, this writing is less about theory, which is important to know, and more about who Haitians are, getting together to tell “Epic Stories of the Haitian Revolution”, within their respective sphere of influence, inner strength, and seat of power.


  • The word World is used as acronym, i.e., White organization of the ruling liberal democracy.
  • Negritude writers are Aimée Cesaire, Leopold Cedar Senghor, Leon Damas et al.
  • The former Soviet Union inaugurated the space age with the launch of Sputnik in 1957.
  • Donella H. Meadows is co-author of Limits to growth.
  • The Haitian Revolution is the crowning achievement of the struggle for freedom that started on the African continent, circa 525 BC.
  • David Bohm is author of Wholeness and the implicate order.
  • Metaphysics is an idea, doctrine, or posited reality outside of human sense perception.
  • Jacques Stephen Alexis is author of Compere general soleil.
  • Adinkra is composed of signs and symbols Africans bequeathed to this generation.

Doumafis Lafontan, ML, Playwright
2023 Right to copy 


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