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Crossroads: Chimenkwaze

(Bilingual poetry book, Haitian Creole – English)



Crossroads: Chimenkwaze, Jean-Dany JOACHIM • Aug.2013 • ISBN-10 1492113727 • ISBN-13 978-1492113720 • CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform •
126 pages • $12.99.


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Crossroads : Chimenkwaze

About the Author: Poet Populist of Cambridge Massachusetts, 2009-2011, Jean-Dany Joachim writes poetry, short stories and recently completed a play “Your Voice Poet” (2010). He has directed the Sunset Poetry Series at Bunker Hill Community College for over ten years and, since 2001, is the director of City Night Readings, a series featuring diverse poetic talents, writers and artists. His work has been published in numerous international and national anthologies and magazines.


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