Creole Heritage Centre of Sydney


The Board of the CHCs which met on Sunday 1 August is constituted of the following members: Alain Laxade, Georgy de Lamare-Lamvohee, Sylvio Jolicoeur, Jimmy Maudave and Joseph Mario Lamvohee.

The following matters were resolved:

  1. That close and strong links continue to be maintained with overseas Creole organisations.
  2. That a centre be established to familiarise young creoles, especially those born in Australia, with the Creole language.
  3. That the SBS and other radios be approached for allocation of time to the Creole Community in Sydney.
  4. That more efforts be made to create awareness among other communities and ethnic groups of the existence of the Creole Community in Sydney and in Australia.
  5. That we celebrate the International Creole day (the 28th October) even in a symbolic way.
  6. That the CHCs refrains from indulging in party politics and focuses on its main objective which is to promote the Creole Culture.
  7. That doors remain open to non-Creoles who want to support us.

The CHCs is also pleased to announce that the CHC Radio on the net is now in operation, although on a test basis. You can access the radio on the CHC site.