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 Book on India and America: Give and take relation

par Dr. Jagat Motwani

«This is the book which has almost every thing what any body would like to know about Indians in America.
This book also tells that India has been giving to America, at least as much as, if not more than it has been receiving from it.
Jagat K. Motwani, Ph.D.
A new book by Dr. Jagat Motwani, published by Center for Asian, African and Caribbean Studies in cooperation with GOPIO.

The book provides a great reading for every Indian American family and prospective immigrants.

The book has almost every thing what one would like to know about India in America from ancient times to today: America the, dreamland of immigrants; history of immigrants (1600-2002); immigration legislation;
Asian Indians: A model ethnic minority; their socio-economic statistics compared with other ethnic groups;
Do Indian Americans ghettoize?; their dispersion in all the fifty sates and big metropolis cities; the Indian-ness we fear to lose;
Indian values compared with American values; political participation and political clout; presidential political appointments; relationship with PIOs from indentured countries; affirmative action and Indian Americans;
Mahatma Gandhi statues; civil disobedience: Thoreau - Gandhi - Martin Luther King;
America - a melting pot or an ethno-cultural mosaic?; what has India given to America?;
Gadar movement; and first Indian Congressman Dalip Singh Saund.
The book emphasizes that India has not been on only a receiving end. It has been giving lot to the Western world, especially to America.

Hard cover, 378 pages, Price: US$20 + $2 shipping ($10 overseas mailing)

To order a copy, mail a check or money order, payable to: GOPIO, 8 Vanderbilt Parkway, Dix Hills, NY 11746 or contact (631) 421-4688 or email.